Hi. I'm Lidiya K. Welcome.

I don't think we're born to be ordinary.
In fact, I'm absolutely sure that it's our job to unleash our potential, follow our passion, find what works best for us and do more of it, and enjoy every day without going back to the past or worrying about the future.

I'm a blogger and author in the fields of self-improvement, life hacking, human potential and entrepreneurship. I've published a few books, and created some niche sites. But this blog is my biggest project.

I've been published on TIME magazine and contributed to many big sites in the personal development niche.

How did I make it in today's competitive online world of writing? I just kept going.

Most of the time I'm freelancing, while trying to improve every aspect of my life. I'm also a digital enthusiast, always looking for new stuff to try. And - most importantly - I love every second of it.

I finally became self-employed thanks to that. And am now on my way to location independence (first month away will be this summer) and building online businesses.

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After many experiments, I learned how to ingrain a new behavior and make it stick. I've mastered morning routines too.

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Life without passion is meaningless. I've not only found and followed mine, but am living it every day. And you can do the same.

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Progress is about getting things done. And I realized there were smarter and faster ways to do that. I share them on the blog.

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In this category I talk about spiritual development, simplifying life, finding peace and letting go.

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I just recently created that category, so stay tuned for much more. I discuss self-employment, location independence and digital business stuff.

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We're worthy of being happy. And happiness is already around us. I help you understand that and take back control of it. And find contentment in the meantime.

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